A Calendar Cutie?

This fellow needs a name. Well, actually he has one, but I don't know it yet. This pup was a charmer at the winery we visited recently (he was not drinking however; perhaps he was the driver). I asked permission to take his (?) picture, and then forgot to write his name down somewhere. I have a few clues to the owner and am playing dog detective; hopefully I'll be able to put a name to the drawing.


Besides the Boomer Toys 2018 calendar, which will be a wall calendar this year,  I am hoping to also create the usual 5 x 7 format calendar in a series called...ARF! (It's a working title at this point!)   I would spotlight a dozen dogs in sketches or paint. We have a few on our block that would be great candidates, and I know several friends who also count a pup as a best friend. If you have a dog you'd like me to do for a monthly calendar page, do let me know! No promises yet; I would love to have a variety of eager faces.