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It doesn't take much to find something amazing every day. This is my place to share with you the amazing things in ALL THINGS ARTS: artists and creators who surprise us, outdoor and public art that amuses or enlightens us, places and spaces that enchant us. You can find this collection with full links, details and archive at the Daily Amazing page. 


2.13.18: The Daily Amazing took a vacation through the holidays, but not because amazing art disappeared. Au contraire, everyday in every amazing way, art shows up that is jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, or just plain curious. In the past, amazing art in paper and miniatures were can find them all with the links below. Now, on to a new series: SCULPTURES of all kinds. 

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Series: Sculpting

What would you do with a million index cards? Or paper clips? Or straws? Probably not what this artist does. 


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