A little of this and a little of that.

All the "coming soons" listed below right are keeping me busy...and the garden is always calling. The fine weather has returned to the Pacific Northwest and we may even have a little rain tomorrow that the garden plants will love. And this book ...

AND the Daily Amazings. Why the Amazings, you ask? 

As my loyal readers (thank you!) know, my website and blog are about All Things Arts: the art that surrounds us, the artists and innovators and their stories, and the feats of engineering, patience, and creativity of the arts of all kinds. And a little of my own artistic and creative pursuits. 

There are artists who can and do inspire me to try something new or apply my own talents in a new way. They are here, and the page will continue to grow. But there are many more artists who attempt things way beyond my own skills, physical possibilities, level of patience, or even desire. But I so admire what they do. And they are on the Daily Amazing page. I hope you'll regularly take a trip or two over there. When you have time, check out the growing archive. 

ANYWAY.....Yesterday, ready to add a new Daily Amazing, I began to browse through my favorite online sources for awesome art and was quickly OVERWHELMED. Friends, there is so much incredible art out there! I don't wish to overdo the "amazing" rhetoric - there is very very very enough of that in politics today - but it's the word that screams at me when I look at the art that people create.  

So I've decided to post the Daily Amazings in series format to really appreciate a particular skill and focus in the arts. I just know that you will find yourself uttering it too...My gosh. That's amazing.

The art I will be sharing will fit into at least one of these series categories, a list not in stone, only in pencil. 

  1. Miniature

  2. Alphabet

  3. Public

  4. Build

  5. Stitch

  6. Giant

  7. Wit

  8. Byte

  9. Bite

  10. Paper

and I will share about a half of dozen in each series before moving on to another series, posting every other day, (yeah, I know. The Every- Other-Daily-Amazing doesn't have the same ring, yes?)

I've redesigned the page with a few of the collections and one upcoming example for some. 

Adios, amigos, for another day. 




Coming soon, the 2018 calendar ...

the  Megazine 

and final completion of this redesigned website, some of which you can view now. 

Artists are just children who refuse to put down their crayons.
— Al Hirschfeld