Where do we get our inspiration?

Wouldn't it be nice if it came in bottles and jars ready to take off the shelf and apply? Whether we are artists, writers, woodworkers, gardeners, stitchers....we all need that bottle when we feel bone dry in the idea part of the brain. 

I have been re-acquainting myself with my bookmark list as I update it. In doing so, I found these reflections and tips from people in the arts. I'm sharing three good  collections of interviews with artists and creative people. 



Getty also has a video series that spotlights artists and their views on "inspiration." (I have put one video at the very end of this post if you'd like to get a taste.)

"What is inspiration and how do you find it?

We’ve been on the hunt for stories that help us get to the bottom of this seemingly simple question. On this quest we’ve come across painters, architects, musicians, comedians, activists, and other people from all around the world who have found something at the Getty that inspires their craft.

Art inspires in surprising ways. A sculpture might inspire a tattoo artist to create his next design, an astronomer to look more deeply at the night sky, or a comic to create her next funny face. Sometimes it can create inspiration that waits, patiently, to make itself known in the way we live our everyday lives."


another girl at play.png

Another Girl at Play is a collection of interviews of women artists and small business owners. Their stories of building their businesses are worth the read.

"Behind every successful woman lies a tale of self-reliance, persistence, and the joy of following one’s heart. Founded in 2002 by Alex Beauchamp of Girl at Play, Another Girl at Play was created to share the personal, insightful, and deeply honest  stories of female creative entrepreneurs from around the world.

Answering the same set of questions, each artist shares their unique experiences and wisdom on how they made their creative dream real. Understanding the importance of sharing information and taking the mystery out of living creatively, each artist donated their time to write about their artful career – answering questions from how they began to how they deal with the frustrations of being a creative entrepreneur."


Playwrights, songwriters, ballet dancers, musicians, artists, composer. architect, artist, and more reveal how to find creative inspiration in this Guardian piece. 

Getty video....