I'm still here!

Scan 118.jpeg

But busy with out-of-town guests and game-playing, one of our favorite things to do. ((I have discovered a few new ones: Sushi Go, Codenames, Carcassonne, Medici.  Do you know any of these? We have a huge closetful of games, but it's not often you get to have marathon board and card game days with friends who are as equally enamored as you with sets and dice and secret things. We even played Clue: Big Bang Theory edition. Told ya.) Last week I had some minor eye surgery and  next week we will be with friends on Lopez Island. So I'm still here, but will be blogging sporadically till life settles down in a couple of weeks. I hope to send a missive or two from Lopez Island where, among other treats, we will be seeing the annual Lopez Island Studio Tour. 

I will be posting another Daily Amazing Miniature series later today or tomorrow. Have you seen the latest one yet?