Wisdom from Ursula.


Today’s post is Day 3 of my 30 Day Challenge, which I’ve decided to call the April Learner Challenge, since my intent is to learn something new in the studio each day, among some other things I mentioned here. I have a backlog of dozens - dozens! - of online classes I have yet to dig into, so I will needing to search for something to learn. Au contraire, one of my next challenges is to delve into the shelves of art books waiting for my perusal. The mind boggles.

Yesterday’s result was a pleasant watercolor class in Skillshare - you know about Skillshare, yes?! - which gave me an opportunity to practice watercolor skills, always something I need to do - and place it in circular format - more challenging than it looks. And I didn’t quite succeed, but oh well. Close enough. I’ll do better next time.

The quote is from a book I’m currently reading AND LOVING by Ursula LeGuin. A lot of quotable wisdom in this memoir of essays as she reflects on her old age. (You probably know that she recently passed at 88.) I am sure I will be revisiting her in my posts, since I am quite a fan.