It's April I know.


As I near the end of my Animal Cracker 30-Day Challenge, I am fashioning a new one that will combine a few things I am puddling with.

  • I am learning Adobe Illustrator and other similar programs. There is a steep learning curve, but if not now, when? (No need to ask why. Because it’s there.)

  • I am eager to share some things that are building up in my Things to Share Pile, one of which are some favorite poems, jingles, and rhymes. And since it’s National Poetry Month, I see a perfect opening!

  • I am trying to build my portfolio with some new things I’ve been trying as I learn and grow in the studio.

  • There are a ton of interesting artists and innovators who had a birthday in April, and you already know that I love to share birthday people and their accomplishments in the arts.

So I’m very hopeful you will indulge me a (somewhat) daily post in April. (full disclosure: There will be 30 but it may take 40 days to get there!) I hope you find them interesting and I always love feedback. I know you’re all busy and that dang e-mail grows exponentially, so if you’d rather open me up once or twice a week and catch a few at a time, totally okie dokie. Just stay in touch, okay?

Today’s poem was not in the pile, truth be told, but I needed a pleasant short ditty for April 1.

In the works is a collection of the Animal Crackers that will be available for download or snail mail. Coming up. The latest ones are below.

Thanks so much for checking in. I appreciate your loyalty and readership. Now, take a deep breath.

Javy. Day 25.

Javy. Day 25.

Joe. Day 26. Lester’s brother.

Joe. Day 26. Lester’s brother.