Back again

I have been out of the studio and broke my 30 day Challenge string, so call it my Somewhat, Sort-of 30-Day April Learning Challenge. Like I said earlier, who says it has to be 30 consecutive days, huh? huh?

There are a few things I would have posted I’d like to catch up on. Wednesday, as I’m sure you know :) was International Haiku Day. How poetically correct, since I’m including a poem each post in April.

The Haikus made from the Periodic Table of Elements caught my fancy. An interactive table is here. Go!


Begin universe.

Wait three minutes to enter. 

Stay cool. Don’t react. 


Locked in rock and sand. 

Age upon age

Awaiting the digital dawn. 


Licked by the women
painting luminous watches.
How much time stolen?


Show-stealing diva,
throw yourself at anyone,
decked out in diamonds.


I’ve been playing with the design I posted last time, trying to make a surface design pattern. First I selected only a portion of it that appealed to me.


Then, applying directions I’d learned on a couple of Skillshare classes, I repeated the design to make a pattern. But I didn’t like that at all. Too linear. You can see where each design began and ended. All the pink flowers are in a row. Nada.


I moved the design diagonally and worked at making a half-drop pattern to give a more random effect. I liked this much better. It’s not wonderful; still too much “line” the eye can follow. I’m not ecstatic, but I’m learning!

Lastly, today - April 19 - was the birthday of my BFF-growing-up, Inge. Today is the first April 19 that there is not a call to make, no card to send. I think of Inge often and am still not used to her gone. I miss you girl. The world is one person less gracious now that you’re gone.

I wrote about her  here .

I wrote about her here.


April 19 Inge

April poem trickster

flower pattern