Marking Time


This is a work in progress I used Copic Markers, a popular but pricey marker. I don’t use markers that often to create a full piece, so my challenge was to create this just with the Copics I have. I’ve been playing (and losing mostly) “Ticket to Ride” online, and some of the participants are excruciatingly slow, so I filled in sections while waiting. (Play the dang card, for cryin’ out loud.) . Even at that, it took 3 days to fill up.

I will be cleaning it up digitally and the, from the piece, I’ll make a pattern. Like a wallpaper pattern. Stay tuned.

I went to bed to go to sleep

But by mistake I slept on a sheep.

I went to my dresser to put on some pants

But by mistake i put on some ants.

I went to the store to buy a carrot

But by mistake I brought home a parrot.

I went to the kitchen to eat a snack

But by mistake I ate a yak.

I went to go to vacuum the house.

But by mistake I vacuumed a mouse.

I know that listening to my mistakes hasn’t been fun.

But I’m sorry to say this poem is now done.

Madeline White, 3rd grade, some time ago.