A poem by me for your reading pleasure.

Before regaling you with today's poetry reading, I'm posting some drawings from a road trip a couple of Aprils back wherein I drew our waitpersons along the way (from photos with their permission.) I call the series Men and Women in Black. I was quite fun engaging them in short conversations and they always know the best local places. 

men & women in black.jpg
men women black3 copy.jpg
men women black.jpg

A few years ago, my friend Kay and I exchanged original poems each month as an excuse to get together for lunch at least once a month. My hope is to collect them all into a wee book of poems from two who love words, rhyming or not, and lunch out.

Here is my April poem. It's true. 100% of it.

APRIL trickster poem.jpg
flower in snow2.jpg
The flower in the snow photos are not my photographs but are used with permission.