Green Bean Queen...and another peek at Tweet.

I can’t resist. And, after all, it was on the 2nd page of the Seattle Times, so someone there must also considered it significant.

Here is yet another example of women’s contribution to society. And this one’s a big one. Maybe not up there with Sally Ride, but certainly on the bench, to mix my metaphors.

Her name was Dorcas Reilly and she recently died at 92. She worked for Campbell Soup and there, she invented the green bean casserole (you know…cream of mushroom soup, topped with crispy fried onion rings…oh yum). If (or more likely, WHEN), you have it at Thanksgiving, give a silent thanks her way, will you?

If you missed yesterday’s post with news about the 2019 calendar “Tweet” and an Early Bird pre-order price for a few days, be sure to check it out.

Dorcas Reilly 10 26 18.JPG

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