Announcing a Special "Tweet" for Early Birds.

I am happy to announce that “Tweet,” the 2019 Calendar, is almost ready for purchase. Nests are being feathered, eggs are being hatched, and Tweet will fly the coop beginning November 15. If you are reading this as a blog subscriber, a former purchaser, or are on the mailing list (or have landed here for any other reason - and thank you for that!) you are the only bird-lovers to get the chance for an Early Bird (get it?) Discount. 

The calendar is in the traditional 5 x 7 format and spotlights - yah, you guessed it - birdies real and imaginary. This will be my fifth calendar of mixed media art created in the One Red Chair Studio and the first time I am having a pre-order “Early Bird” sale for loyal readers and buyers. I am offering this for two reasons: 1) I am a bit late to the fair this year, and 2) I will be needing to raise the price of the calendar and shipping charge this year, the first price change in four years. After November 6 (Think: Election Day), the shop will reflect the new price of $20.00 and an increased shipping charge, plus applicable sales tax. 

BUT! If you pre-order and pay between now and November 6, each calendar will be LOWER than in previous years plus a $2.00 per item mailing charge that is less than actual cost. So, buckaroos, a flat $20 (plus tax on $18) will get you a “TWEET.” You can order at the SHOP starting immediately.

peek birdJul Aug.jpg

If you are a local birder and do not need it shipped, please apply the code NOSHIP at checkout in the DISCOUNT CODE box.

purple bird.jpg

This Teabag guy, the birdie above and the two Sidewalk Crackers at the top will make an appearance in TWEET. They won’t get their own pages; you’ll have to find them in the whole flock. They’ll be just a part of the merry band.

There will be additional peeks of “Tweet” over the next week. Whether or not you decide to pre-order, or wish instead to wait until you see the completed product, please know I appreciate your business and your support. I hope you will love the new calendar.