Custom Travel Journal

Custom Travel Journal


Deconstructed personalized and custom travel journal, ready for taking on a special trip. Available in two sizes, 4 x 9 inches OR 5 x 6 inches, and ample enough for 8 - 10 days. Scroll to bottom of this page for additional information.

If you order two journals, each unique but in the same theme and design, at a cost of $60, you save $10. Additional journals (3+) are $20 each. Since I am unable to show this varied pricing, you will be charged @ 35.00 each, but I will issue an immediate refund to your credit card for the difference, plus extra shipping fees you may be charged.

Please allow at least 3 weeks plus mailing time.

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This travel journal is a “deconstructed” journal with an accordion-pleated binding, handcrafted with high-quality, sturdy watercolor paper. It has enough pages for daily memories on a trip up to 8 or 9 days, plus a fold-out page for map or extra notes. Each page is ready for writing or sketching and has a pocket to keep tags (some of which are included), notes, receipts, business cards, and all the other paper memories you pick up on a trip. Be sure to specify on order form whether you wish pages to be separate, with spine and all easy directions for assembling included for later assembly. (Separate pages allow for user to take one page a day with him or her instead of carrying the whole journal around), or if you wish to receive the the journal already bound. The pages lie flat - unless pockets overflow!

The more information you can provide about your trip, the more personal the journal can be. Dates and destinations are most helpful. Do note that, with your order, you are leaving the design to me as artist and you are trusting me to provide you with a fun and useful journal to keep your memories. I am careful with workmanship but carefree and loose in style, and you can trust that style will be mirrored in the final piece and as shown in the photos and video. Every page is different, but if you see a favorite image or design, I’ll do my best to include it.

After you purchase the journal, I will contact you by email to clarify any details that can guide me to create a piece just for you.

Wish to gift a journal for fellow traveler(s)? For $60 you can get two, each unique but in similar format. More? $20 for each additional journal.

Please allow at least 3 weeks, plus shipping time to you.