Lately, I'm diggin'....

Wow, the last time I blogged was awhile ago! What happened to August? I’ve been here and there and busy on some pet portraits, trimming down the garden, reading some really good books, and contemplating the joys of summer. Lots more pictures and thoughts about what’s been keeping the summer days full, but later.

And, since we are soon to depart for a Labor Day weekend in another of our favorite places, Lopez Island, it may be a few extra days before I can do this again, so this post is a jumblebag of odds and ends. Sort of like my life these days.

Lately, in the world of illustrated journals, I’m diggin’…

©Kathryn Jebsen-Marwedel. Used with permission.

©Kathryn Jebsen-Marwedel. Used with permission.

©Kathryn Jebsen-Marwedel, with permission.

©Kathryn Jebsen-Marwedel, with permission.

©Anna Denise Floor

©Anna Denise Floor

Anna and I have completely different styles, but I so admire her use of space, how well her pages are organized with lots of visual candy, and her sense of humor. This particular video spotlights her experiences as a new mother, but a visit to her website will show you a large range of topics in a graphic story format.


And Maria Kalman, who I have talked about before here but who keeps putting out interesting notions and art, a style of which amuses me

I love love love her style and yet it so hard for me to achieve that look. So i mostly just admire it..

in her various books I have on my shelf…

and her interviews, including this one on the difference between thinking and feeling, in her opinion;

I’d love if you’d take a walk over to the page on my website called Artists Who Inspire Me.. You can find the page my pulling it down from the menu at the top under ALL THINGS ARTS. See it? There you will find a veritable plethora of art and artists that inspire me and if also enjoy looking at art, I think you would find several things that please you.

Here’s another artist on that list. She posts weekly drawing lessons on all matter of subjects and techniques.

Watch Koosje Koene draw a page in her illustrated journal.

Did you see this list from NPR? !00 Favorite Funny Books

I haven’t read yet all the way down, and suspect I will be reminded of more of my favorite authors who provide whimsical ways with words are Richard Russo, Dave Barry, Bill Bryson (usually) and Nora Ephron. How about you? Have an author to share with us that we might not know about?