March-April Tub o' Books

Since I have,


I can post the Tub o’ Books, don’t you think?!

Books Read


To me, a travel day that turns rainy is like a piece of chocolate I’ve dropped on the floor: It’s significantly less appealing, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to throw it away.

Seth Kugel, Rediscovering Travel

I also read Sunshine and Oranges; and Dark, Sacred Night, Michael Connelly.

oranges and sunshine.jpg
dark sacred night.jpg

I “read” these audiobooks, too.

Lee Child’s, The Midnight Line

and John Sanford, Twisted Prey.

Books Borrowed

I had bagfuls of books from two different library systems, so I’ll not list them all. Some were returned without much read, some put on my wish list, some still on the shelf.

There is one book I discovered by accident, however, that I would love to have for myself. It’s an Emily Carr memoir of a trip she took with her sister early last century. Emily Carr is a favorite of mine, a Canadian artist and writer. Her journals and memoirs of journeys and her time in nature are exquisite reads.

Carr 1 collage-3.jpg
Carr 1 collage-2.jpg

Books on my wish list.

If you have read of these, we’d love to get a short review in Comments!

Everything In Its Place, Oliver Sacks

The Paris Diversion, Chris Pavone

The Moment of Lift, Melinda Gates

Firefighting: The financial crisis and its lessons, Bernanke, Geithner and Paulson, Jr.

Henry Himself, Stewart O’Nan

Ruth Reichl, Save My the Plums

Figuring, Maria Popova of Brainpickings.

AND two picture books,

My Cat Looks Like My Dad , Thao Lam

Sweeping Up the Heart, Kevin Henke

Some things I’ve read and think you might enjoy, too. 

Why So Many Books About Dogs? Vanessa Woods and Brian Hare

Figuring, Maria Popova interview in By the Book

From the NYT Book Review, interview of Ruth Reichl and article about her new book about her experience as editor during the last gasp of Gourmet Magazine.


Lastly, as I write this, our spring day is reaching 80! and I’m with Hammie on that:

Hammie’s Summer Chart. ©Baby Blues

Hammie’s Summer Chart. ©Baby Blues

 I always like to credit any photos or artwork not mine, but am unable to credit the cat on the red chair at the top. It was an already-framed piece and there is no indication of the artist. If it’s yours, please do let me know.