30 Days of Animal Crackers

Humphrey. Day One Cracker.

Humphrey. Day One Cracker.

`I’m taking on a 30 Day Challenge to myself, hoping to create a new Animal Cracker each day. What are Animal Crackers, you ask? Carla Sonheim got me started on these years ago and she posts a sidewalk crack each month on her site here. I also collect my own and can often be found in the middle of an alley or street capturing some marvelous cracks.

November 2018 copy for Feb blog.jpg

I’ve been doing this for awhile - this year’s calendar “Tweet” devoted a month to some Bird Crackers I’ve created - and I am sort of obsessed with the whole process. I also do cracks on the walls, gasoline stains, blobs made from shadows, paint drips, unusual tree formations - well, you get it - but for this Challenge I’m stickin’ to the sidewalks.

Here is the sidewalk from whence this guy came. It was downloaded from Carla’s newsletter.

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 7.30.47 PM.png

You can join me! Why not?! Copy or download the crack each day or go to Carla’s site to find some that inspire your creativity - look for a horn, an eye, a tail, a wing….you can add appendages and modify for your pleasure. (Be sure to turn it all four ways until you spot something useful!) And, if you like, post your animals - bugs, birds, can’t-categorize things -here in the comments or over on Instagram where they will be posted daily. #30DayAnimalCrackers

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