All Good Things

Have you ever looked around you and find that you have just about reached your designated allotment of unfinished projects and tasks? Even as one who carries around with her several things going on at a time, I have reached and exceeded my limit. 

So now I must finish, give up the ghost, call it a day...bring out all the clichés. That's what today has been.

I am adding the final fru-fru to  a travel journal to use in New England where my friend, Jeannie, and I will have an art workshop and take a road trip through Vermont and up to Montreal. I am hopeful to blog often on my trip, although I struggle with that, both in finding time and in the mechanics of trying to do that without my trusty desktop. We will see. 

One of my most 


tasks is to create these travel journals, raw art ready to be filled with memories and notes from a trip. 

IMG_9177 2.JPG

I am also finishing up what I can do in the garden before leaving town. Bob and I have been buying new plants, shuffling up the soil, giving them food (they have had plenty of me.) I makes me so 



to see shrubs and perennials awaken to the new season. Two weeks ago all was bare, but with sun and warmth arriving, little growth is everywhere. Bare hydrangeas and rhododendrons are showing life and the neighborhood turns colorful. Don't you love spring? 

We had a wonderfully warm week last week, in the eighties, and oh boy oh boy oh boy we were ready for it!  So whatever else I had on my list (including see below)  had to wait while I dug. Today, vegetable seeds go in so they can begin to grow while I am away. 

These lovely lilies will join last year's for a splash of orange. 

These lovely lilies will join last year's for a splash of orange. 

My other incomplete projects, which, will, alas, remain unfinished for now, are a couple of videos, several blog posts honoring April birthdays***, and getting through my pile of books. But April went by so fast - didn't it? - and there's always tomorrow, God willing and the creek don't rise. 

I fully intended to tell you what I found about these April artists (all of them were in the arts of one sort or another.) Duke Ellington, John James Audubon, Ella Fitzgerald, and John Muir, two naturalists who used art to share their work, and two jazz musicians with interesting lives. And I would have sneaked in Alfred Betts, who invented Scrabble. 

And whistle a big Happy Birthday tune to the trusty zipper, 105 years old yesterday.