December Musings

“It is December, and nobody asked if I was ready.” 
― Sarah Kay

Shop Note 12/3/18: There are 16 2019 Tweet calendars left. They have been reprinted once - thank you to all sweet customers! - so won’t be reprinted again. If you have planned to order one (or more), now is the time.

The tree is complete and now the rest of the house awaits its Christmas finery. For a few days, we had lost track of the box of ornaments! It was a mystery. Long story short (as we often say after it’s too late), they’ve been found and are gracing the boughs. So I drew favorite ornaments in an effort to notice the small everyday things we take for granted.

ornaments pg1.jpg
ornaments pg2.jpg

I’m trying to sketch the days more regularly* and this month’s visual journal will be pages of drawings. I’m going to be more deliberate about posting each day to Instagram if you like visiting there (@lowriegirl).

I’ve been walking late December afternoons. It’s nippy but not unbearable dressed in warm clothes, and the walk is quite fine with the tree lights our neighborhoods have gifted us walkers. There are beautiful December skies at dusk.


In contemplating my navel, I decided that, although I am not a winter person at all, I do love the seasons and, well, winter comes with the package. But November has its colors (I know, I know…not technically winter, but daylight is short and frost is on the pumpkin) and its November crispness and December has little twinkly lights all over the place. It might be a problem coming up with at the blessings of January. But I’ll think about it.

*having been inspired by my recent attendance at SketchKon and the book and class by Stephanie Dion Baker here and here.