Better things ahead.

I can think of no better way to end the year than to tell you about the year-end review from which you can find here (and the link at the bottom if this doesn’t work for you.)

There is much to savor here. Among those I have reserved time for are

  • How to Grow Old: Bertrand Russell on What Makes a Fulfilling Life

  • Zadie Smith on Optimism and Despair

  • On Truth, Lies, the Power and Peril of Metaphor, and How We Use Language to Reveal and Conceal Reality

  • Elizabeth Gilbert on Love, Loss, and How to Move Through Grief as Grief Moves Through You

  • Iris Murdoch on Storytelling, Why Art is Essential for Democracy, and the Key to Good Writing

  • and those are but a few of some delicious reading and thinking ahead of you if you choose to wade..

HOWEVER, I have saved the best for last.


Maria Popova, who creates and shares Brainpickings each week, has collaborated in “a collection of original letters to the children of today and tomorrow about why we read and what books do for the human spirit.” Letters are written from the likes of Mary Oliver, Judy Blume, Ann Patchett, Neil Gaiman, Anne Lamott, Alain de Botton, Ann Patchett, a 98-year-old Holocaust survivor, Italy’s first woman in space and many more artists, writers, scientists, musicians, adventurers who believe their lives have been shaped by a life and love of reading


WOW. 100% of proceeds go to the New York public library.

WOW. 100% of proceeds go to the New York public library.

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