Last chance to be an early bird.

Sweet Ellie has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She can’t be replaced, but she would like her Best Friends’ new pup, Mika, I am sure. She would sit quietly and watch the young one with so much energy romp around and oh, once in awhile, long for her youth but generally embrace slowing down and relaxing. Happy Trails, Ellie.

We are enoying some time in southern California, a place we made home for several decades. I was able to participate in Sketchkon 2018 in Pasadena (more on that later), visit with my BFF in Santa Monica, and this week we are enjoying time at the Oceanside shores and will spend time with our buddies that we left behind. We are northwesterners now, through and through (80 is HOT, as far as we’re concerned) but oh we do miss our southern CA pals, through-thick-and-thin friends… OUR besties for a long sweet time.

Early Bird Price on the 2019 calendar ends on Election Day. And don’t forget to vote! I will be at the TV tomorrow, fingers, toes, eyeballs crossed.