TWEET! has arrived in full feather.

Now that the 2019 calendar Tweet is ready for shipping, I put together another video peek, this time with pages from the completed calendar. The shop has been updated, also (and is all ready for your buying pleasure. Smile.) (

Thank you to all who pre-ordered; it has really helped me make important decisions about printing. Your calendars are being shipped and will arrive at your doorstep very soon. You may hear them chirping upon their arrival.

If you haven’t ordered your calendar for yourself or gifts, I hope you will consider doing so! Each year’s calendar is truly a labor of love and I strive for the best it can be. I use high quality cardstock and work closely with the printer to maintain color integrity. The artwork is printed from original work and won’t be found anywhere else.* This year’s calendar includes artwork in watercolor, acrylic, colored pencil, ink, and work that is collaged, carved, or created entirely digitally. I am a mixed-media artist; I like variety in my books, breakfasts, and in making art!

The calendar is 5 x7, fits nicely into a 5 x 7 frame or can be displayed separately. The quick pop-out frames that house them so well are also available. If you do not need the calendar shipped, use the discount code NOSHIP on the checkout page.

Finally, you should know there are lots fewer songs about birds in iTunes than you would imagine. I toyed with Rockin’ Robin as in the first video, but, frankly I cannot get the song out of my brain every since and I needed a little change. This sprightly piece from the Baby Einstein series seemed little birdie enough. And the first video peek is also below if you missed it or would like to hear Rockin’ Robin again!

And thank you!

*with one caveat: the January piece was created from an online class from Alison O’Donoghue and so is not an original creation in that respect. I also wish to acknowledge Carla Sonheim, Mary Jo Koch, Anna Aspnes, Geninne Zlatkis, and Madeleine Floyd for inspiration.