Inspired by a new discovery.

Included in my art time yesterday was an idea I got from Este Macleod, an artist I have just discovered who knocks my socks.  Who creates colorful paintings with birds and trees and fishes and trees and bowls and vases. And who makes lovely little drawings out of letters. You can see short videos here and here.  So I gave myself the assignment to try the same.  I played with the phrase "a flower garden" (it looked like this, but I forgot to take a picture of the real one.)


Then, following her lead, I  turned it upside down and ended with this doodled garden.

flower garden doodled.jpg

I've done doodled flowers before, as have numerous other artists. But creating it from some simply formed letters intrigues me for its idea-making possibilities. I always enjoy finding flowers, animals, and figures from blobs, spots, random lines, and sidewalk cracks. (Carla Sonheim and I have been seen heads down looking for the perfect cracks.) So I think this idea has some future for me when I need an idea or two. Meanwhile, check out Este's short videos for quick entertainment value if nothing else. 


flower garden words.jpg