This is a very good book.


And this is a very good team

Oh yes! Cubs win! 

Oh yes! Cubs win! 

And this is a very good passage

The house we lived in when I was a child had a large grid of windows across the back of the living room, overlooking the woods that sloped down to the river. The trees were always filled with birds singing, darting about, pecking at bark, or just sitting and peering cock-eyed. Naturally, I imagined the birds were riveted by my activity in the living room, and I used to entertain us all by playing a few passages at the piano, then getting up and throwing myself into a balletic twirl and leap or two across the room. I would go to the window to see how my audience was responding. Forty years later I have angled my own new piano in the living room so that I can look out the window while I play, and frequently birds will fly up to the house and sit on the trellis, listening just within my view. I read recently that birds have very bad hearing, but that is such a cruel blow to my vanity and I refuse to believe it. I like the idea that I’m giving the doves and the cardinals pleasure while I play.

           Dominique Browning, Around the House and in the Garden