Even crayons get the blues.

Sorry. I'm in a punny mood.

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So, recently I mentioned that a new blue color would be debuted on September 14 (National Crayon Day...surely you knew?) The name for the color was chosen from several entries (how about 90,000?)...and even THAT has aroused poopy attitudes. Oh what a world we are living in.

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The new color is BLUETIFUL. Okay, I get it. It's purposely misspelled. It's a pun, folks. Yes, students will see this misspelling every time they use the blue crayon, but the chance it will ruin their opportunity for reaching the NYTimes Best Seller List is minimal in an age of rampant abbreviation of our entire language. God knows, they see the criminal misuse of its and it's a thousand times over, something we should REALLY be worrying our cranky little heads about!

Whew! That felt good to get off my chest. Since you wish to be well-informed on the importance topics of the day, links to a few mostly snarky reports are at the bottom. In this reporter's opinion, Dandelion is the big loser in this story. Not 4th graders. 

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Oh, one last thing. The  real story here? The color was accidentally discovered in the chemistry lab, and so it was temporarily named YInMn (for yttrium, indium, manganese) for the three elements which had a party and cooperatively created this new blue pigment. Science rules. 

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