Laid back on Lopez

We are spending a long Labor Day weekend with our friends Kay and Dave - and Francie -who have a sweet home on Apple Tree Lane (OMG, would you not want an address on Apple Tree Lane???) Lopez Island is part of the San Juan Islands north of Puget Sound and has a population of about 2,300, much less busy than its neighbors Whidbey and Bainbridge in the Sound. Except maybe for this weekend, when the Studio Tour event happens...and who doesn't love poking around other people's homes and studios? The weather is picture perfect and we wasted no time enjoying Lopez's gifts:

lopez - 1.jpg
lopez - 1 (1).jpg
lopez - 1 (2).jpg
lopez - 1 (3).jpg

Holly B's bakery has a long reputation for scrumptious pastries, especially the cinnamon rolls. I did not refuse. May I also state that the butter horns and croissants are no slouches either. We have an order in for orange bread for French toast. I will be sure to let you know how they tasted. Because I know you are asking. 

lopez - 1 (8).jpg

France helped steer Dave in the right direction. She's quite helpful that way. 

lopez - 1 (4).jpg

The Horse-Drawn Farm has a take-what-you-want-write-your-name-and-what-you-took-and-leave-cash-or-check policy. 

lopez - 1 (6).jpg