Sometimes it just feels good

---to list the petty annoyances in daily life, don't you think?

Like: the little paper squares at the bottom of berry containers that draw mold but are fascinatingly difficult to remove,

Like the sandwiches so wide, so big, so drippy they cannot possibly be eaten with the standard human bite and therefore drool themselves all over your face, hands, and clothes,


Like the peach you couldn't wait to dive into (with cream in the bowl ready to receive) but found it mushy and tasteless. There oughta be a law. 

Dumb stuff. Petty annoyances in a world of pain and sorrow. But still. 

Tomorrow I'll post the three good things I noticed or appreciated today. Really, I was going to include them here but I'm slow to get off my cranky. A good night's sleep will make it "all better," Papa always said. Life is good. (I still hate those sandwiches.)