Nine years ago already...

In honor of the new blog home, I decided to post the first post on the old blog, which goes back to 2008.  It's timely anyway, since it's about a hydrangea, a flower I adore and that we have planted profusely  in our new yard. 

I will be posting in duplicate at both sites for a short while as I work out all the details and make sure things are working as they should. Then,  those of you who subscribe to posts by email (and than you oh so much!) may have to resubscribe. I will let you know when that happens and hope you will sign up again! 

The old blog will be archived and can always be accessed from the website. I am not beneath reposting some of what were my favorites or those that bear repeating, especially amazing artists and discoveries. 

Here is the post rerun, first posted March 9, 2008. I have milked this watercolor for all its worth and dressed it up and featured it in the July 2016 Calendar, "Flowers Through the Year."

purple hydrangea

Just one flower this time. A watercolor I did last summer. We have the most periwinkle of blue hydrangeas in our back yard and their bloom in July is a sight to behold. I took a garden journal class from a favorite watercolor artist of mine, Molly Hashimoto, and was inspired to paint this. The scan isn't as good as the real painting which isn't as good as the real flower. There's lots to be said for real life: digital is fine and dandy, but real is life's eye candy.