What Would Your Banner Be?

That's the question Carla Sonheim posed to us in the year-long "365" class. She posted a short video of a skywriting plane and asked us to think about what our banner would be. I fished out a picture from Adobe Spark and decided upon mine, then with the help of Procreate on the iPad, drew the airplane. The message? Something I try to remember each day.

A bit of housekeeping: I am still building the full website, as you may have discovered. The Daily Amazing page is active and a new post is added almost daily. You can get  there by the top left ladder which serves as an index. Other pages have some content but are still being built. I hope you'll keep checking as new things are added. If you find a page that doesn't work, please feel free to let me know. Contact page is next on the agenda; until then I am at 1redchair@gmail.com.