Checking in at the Solstice

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...on this shortest day of the year. At least it will start getting lighter each day. That may be the only positive thing to say about this particular all-too-short daytime in the 365-day calendar.

But. of course, that is a petty complaint from someone who is most grateful for the blessings she has. So as I take a moment to check in while my Illinois family occupies my brain space and I wrestle with some painful emotions, I want also to say this: Whatever else sits heavily on our shoulders, personally and globally, it is appropriate, I believe, to recognize the love, friendships, blessings of the season and to allow the lights of the trees, outdoor and in, to lighten any gloom that crowds out life's lovely moments. 

I am thinking of my nieces and nephew, and my brother and all of their families as we all await the last step of life's staircase that my sister has climbed.


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