Owning dogs may be good for you...

and other words of wisdom from articles in the Sunday papers.

I have clipped these articles and am passing on the links to you if any appeal to you also. I have had the Clipper Syndrome through all of my adulthood, and try as I might a few times, I cannot rid myself of it. It is why I need the real paper, the real book (although I rarely tear things out from a book!), and every free brochure that catches my eye. As I said in yesterday's post, there is a lot of news in the world these days. 

sunday clippings.JPG


Owning dogs may be good for you.  Surely all the walks the dogs take in my neighborhood are adding years to their owners' lives. 

Our love affair with digital is over  (There seems to be a theme here. "Thankfully the analog world is still here, and not only is it surviving but in many cases, it is thriving. Sales of old-fashioned print books are up for the third year in a row...Vinyl records have witnessed a decade-long boom in popularity, while sales of instant-film cameras, paper notebooks, board games and Broadway tickets are all growing again.")  Did you notice the cartoon in the photo? Real postcards??

Time to put the garden to bed   Oh, I would like to but it keeps raining here. 

Andy Weir author interview.  ("For me, fiction is a form of escapism. I want to leave the real world, not sit around and stress about it. Just my personal preference. For the record, my stories are meant to be purely escapist. They have no subtest or message. if  you think you see something like that, it's in your head, not mine. i jut want you to read and have fun.")

And then: The shriveling state department. This situation is frosting my angry cake these days.

And: Mr. Trump has all the brains he needs. Why the American Nobel Prize winners were not invited to the White House this year? 

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