It's here!

I am pleased and proud to announce the arrival of the first of the 2018 calendars from One Red Chair Studio. HULA HOOPS AND HOWDY DOODIES pays homage to mid-century childhood. Perhaps you experienced it; or perhaps your have a parent or grandparent who will enjoy the nostalgia of looking back, even as we move together in the future. 

These 8 X 10 calendars are available as a loose set with multiple options for display, or spiral bound. They will be shipped beginning in early November, but early orders are always welcome and appreciated.  Currently the shop is open and ready to sell HULA HOOPS AND HOWDY DOODIES and has further details. The calendar will be available on Etsy within the next two days if you prefer to use it instead. 

And to further entice you, the second calendar offering "Dogs We Love to Love" will be ready in early November - especially if you are a dog lover or owner. It will be in the familiar 5 x 7 format as previous calendars have come. 

You can get both, you know. There's no rule that says you cannot! Two calendars in a house is the same as two cats on the sofa, two cars in the garage, two eggs for breakfast...