2018 Calendar: Hula Hoops & Howdy Doodies. Unbound.

2018 Calendar: Hula Hoops & Howdy Doodies. Unbound.


Unbound calendar comes as a set of 12 (plus cover) 8 x 10 high-quality 60 lb-weight cards ready to display in a front-loading, easy pop-out frame (available separately), hang with a clipboard, pin to a cork board, or apply to a wall or refrigerate with coordinating "washi" tape or stickers. 

Calendars will be shipped beginning the first week of November. Orders before Nov. 15 will receive a complimentary set of custom Washi-type tapes and stickers.

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You don't have to be a Baby Boomer to enjoy a year-long reflective look back at toys, games, and pleasures of mid-century childhood. Each page is a high-quality 8 x 10 print of original artwork and verse not duplicated anywhere else. Each month has been lovingly designed to be a unique and joyful memory from the past as you navigate the future.