I print from high-quality photographs in acrylic or watercolor. Some subjects also lend themselves to collage and some look great in colored pencil. You may know exactly what media you would like or I can give suggestions for the best choice depending on your needs.

  • Prices are based on 4-week time allotment and one pet .

  • Please allow 4 weeks. If I see a time issue because of my schedule, I will let you know. The farther in advance we begin the project, the happier is the artist!

  • A good-faith 20% deposit is requested but not required earlier than 4 weeks ahead.

  • Please indicate if you have a special wish for realistic or playful.Otherwise, I will pick the style I think works best with the subject.

  • It is very helpful to have tidbits of information about your pet (name, size, special features, favorite toy, frequent poses, markings, etc.). I would also want to know if you have preference for head shot or whole body or don’t care, and any color preferences if you want a background.

    The prices below are based on average needs. We can negotiate if you have special requirements (time constraints, more than one subject, unusual size.)

Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 8.48.30 AM.png

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